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In case you don’t know the website is owned by IML SLU, and there are some white label sister sex chat sites that are controlled by other companies such as Supermen and It is one of the most old, largest and famous porn cam websites on the internet, if we say that it is been around since the dark ages of internet then it’s not wrong. Due to being there all these years, they know how to keep the users intact and entertained, once someone start using it they keep on going back. In case you are new to the website, it’s not a miss because even the idea of enjoying hot sex live and online sex chat is great. was founded back in the year 2002, and the website has more than 66 million members that are also referred as guests. As far as the registered hosts are concerned they are around 80,000. If you were worried about the options, then you should be sure about the 80,000 different options that you have to find someone. Not only one, but multiple someone’s that you can find and see them performing and you have brighter chances that they would chat with you as well.

How does work?

As far as the membership on is concerned, it is free which means you can register on the website for free. All you have to do is type the URL in the browser and get the membership and you are good to go. You might be thinking that what are you going to get in the free membership, don’t worry because you will be getting more than any other cam site. If you want to enjoy more features then you will have to purchase the credits, they give you better access with your most favorite hosts, porn stars, celebrities and hot newbies. You have the chance to indulge in your favorite fetish, talk to someone you find sexy. You can watch one, two or more people in a day and you might see two people having good time together. You will have to access to previous live shows that are recorded by the cam models, or you can just go and check “best of” videos. You can access the website on your computer or mobile phones, this means that satisfying your pleasure cravings are a click away and can be accessed anywhere anytime.

You might be thinking that how you can join the site, to enjoy it to the fullest. Then let us tell you that it is extremely easy and user friendly. You need to have a valid email Id in order to get verified on the site. First of all you will have to choose a valid screen name and a strong password while you are doing the registration. There is no bar, you can choose any name which you find suitable, but you have to keep in mind that you cannot use anyone’s name that is taken already as your screen name. You have to be wise while choosing the screen name, because that’s how you will be known to the hosts on

If you are a new member you will be accessing tons of features that are as follow:

• As soon as you are done registering, you are allowed to have unlimited free live chats on the platform.
• You can view the host’s profiles and can access some of their photos.
• You can use the message center in order to contact the hosts.
• You can post about your fantasies and you might be getting kinky replies from the hosts.
• You get to see the teaser of the upcoming videos or full videos.
• You also have the option of saving your favorite host and can find their live chats and videos later on.

Special Features of

When we tell you that it’s worth your money, then it might be hard to believe because most of the cam sites are the same. But, in case you buy the premium feature of you will not regret it because it has to offer you much more than your expectation from a typical cam.

List View: So, in you have the option of the changing the view to tile or in the gallery, but it will be providing you with a list that is maintained on the basis of your preferences. It is the filtered list of different hosts that are available at that time online.

Strip Club Shows: The hosts will be performing for you in a sexy fun way in order to keep you entertained, you will like being in an actual stripping club. Multiple people can watch the same show at the same time.

Multi-Viewer: In case you are so excited and you can never decide that whom you can watch the most then you have the option watching several hosts at the same time. Yes, that true because you can view them all along with peeking in to the chat rooms.

Hot Spots: In case you want to know about the hot hosts out there, the one that are considered hot by many. You can find them all in the Hot Spots.

Your Lists: You can maintain your own lists, that will be based on what do you like to watch and what did you watch recently or your last watch. It is totally dependent upon your preferences, you can ass whatever you want and later on you can access them here easily.

Mobile Experience

As far as the mobile experience is concerned, the older version of the website did not offer anything on mobile. As the website has no released an updated version of the website after ages, it support the use on mobile and tablets. Although, the website does not have to offer you an app.

Is it worth upgrade? Free VS. Premium

Basically there are five levels of memberships that are available to you on

• New
• Bronze
• Silver
• Gold

You can keep on upgrading them by purchasing credits, it’s always like the more you put in the more fruitful it is. It totally depends on the credits you buy, your access to more features gets better and you might be able to contact your favorite host easily.

Obviously when you are paying credits, you will get to enjoy the perks some of them are as follows:

• You can enjoy and satisfy yourself by watching the Live sex video chat
• You can view hosts’ sexually explicit photo in the galleries
• You also get to enjoy the past videos and series of videos that are created by the hosts
• Not the least but you ca participate actively in the live porn-star shows

As soon as your upgrade yourself as a paid member, it depends upon how many credits you have bought because that gets you the features. You will also be offered with discounts in order to but the credits. There is a discount club that you can join, you can buy that because it is offered by the host. When you are paying credits, it will increase your chances of getting discounts on the live and recorded chats with your favorite hosts. You are spending the money and it has to be worth it, there is no doubt that the site has to offer you a lot as much as you spend, you get to enjoy the fruitful features. All these naughty and kinky hosts are in front of you, and you can access them anytime you want. Once you are done with registration and logging in on the website, you would not wait and will start scrolling the feed. While you will be scrolling, you will come across a lot of things that will catch your attention. As far as the default view is concerned, as soon as you login you will see the Live Cam girls tab, but there are obviously other places where you can go in order to check the whole website.’s Member Page: These help you in navigating your account and you are able to make any alterations you want to with your email preferences or billing information.

Live Cams: This is the main action place, you can see that your favorite hosts are online or not and you can chat and play with them.

Host Videos: In case you have purchased the credits and you have complete access to the host’s video then you have the opportunity to watch the past live shows as well. The ones that you might have missed.

Top Host Arena: This allows you to watch the best of best, you do not have to worry of searching because it is already providing you a lot.

Pros of the website:

• You can choose from the huge amount of options that you have in the context of models. You get to watch the categories if big girls, small girls, small tits, ebony, huge tits, Asian and name it and you will get to see it.
• The updates on the site are frequent and they have just updated it to new version, after using the same old design for ages.
• The customer support is amazing, nothing is more frustrating than a slow support system and when the management is not helping you out. You get the help with nay issue on this website.
• Here are some great features, such as you can complain about models while the live session is going on, have the option of had live streaming in private chats.


• There is no doubt that sometime the model can get expensive and charge more, due to their personal reasons there are some models who think that they are worth the amount they are asking for.

• The free video chat feature is rare, you might not be able to test the model out before paying for watching them. Most of them turn of the free chatting feature off, which can be really annoying at times.

Privacy and Safety

If you are concerned about the safety of the payments that you made on the website, then it is done by credit cards. All of the payments are discrete and they will show up as one of the three option in your statement,, or The website tries to provide the 100 percent satisfaction to their customers specially the new ones. If you are not satisfied with the website, you can claim for a refund within first 30 days of joining. You will be receiving the refund on your credit card that can be up to $25. Apart from the 30 days guarantee, there are other credit refunds that are available for specific issues. First of all for the technical issues while you are trying to use the features you paid for. The purchases of credits that are made by mistake, and if you are not satisfied due to tech issues. You should not be expecting a refund while you do not have a backup for your claim. But, for sure when you have a genuine issue you will be provided with support by the website.

What are the available Payment Methods?

• Bank wire transfer
• Direct ACH deposit
• Paxum
• ePayments
• Epayservice
• Cosmopayment
• PumaPay

How much you can earn as a host?

On, if you are serving as a host then you will be receiving around 30 percent to 100 percent of the amount paid by members. As far as the pricing is concerned per minute then you will receive $0.98 to $5.80 ($14.90 for porn stars). There are referral programs that offer you 70 percent active and 30 percent passive earnings. Not just that, there are continues benefits and competitions in which you have the chance to win prizes and luxury gifts.

How to become a webcam model on

If you have enough confidence in yourself, and you think you can become a webcam model then is a great option. The process of registering as a model is extremely easy and less time consuming. All you have to do is fill up a section of required details and then you have to upload the required documents and approval of your account will be done in couple of hours.

As far as the matter of support and training is concerned, the site offers a lot. You will be provided with a power guide right on the home page and you will find it helpful. The reason is that it contains interactive tutorials that are providing you with basic and complex information. You can go through these guides when you are offline, there are quizzes that you can try in order to test your knowledge. You can always write an email to the support system, if you are confused about something. There is an on-site platform for hosts that is one of the great features, because it’s an active platform where you have the opportunity to interact/communicate, encourage, and share ideas and what not. If you are new then you get to learn from an expert.

The pricing of the membership

1. Bronze: 60 credits per minute, along with five porn-star shows and get to check out the monthly contest video free of cost. You can watch the post porn star shows only for 2 credits per minute.
2. Silver membership: A little expensive than bronze, 70 credits per minute. But you get 20 bonus credits for purchasing this package.
3. Gold membership: You must have to collect up to 25,000 points on the website.
4. VIP membership: The most expensive one on the website, but it rewards you a lot. In order to become a VIP member you will have to collect around 15,000 points on

Some other features of

• You get to see the teaser chats with some nudity (usually only tits)
• Private chats
• Cam2Cam feature in the private chats.
• Group chats that are known as candy shows, a lot of viewers can watch at the same time.
• Video conference where more than 2 hosts can join.
• The site offer a fully-functional version on mobile phones.
• You can send virtual gifts.
• Video contest on monthly basis
• Party theme every weekend.
• Porn star show.
• Model fan clubs, on which there are opportunities to avail the offered discounts on that model’s private chat option.
• Recorded videos.
• Private messaging.


After evaluating the features, the main concerns about the website we are in the state of giving a final verdict and that is its worth your money. If you are paying on the website, you will be getting enough rewards that you would not regret it. The features are great, and the best part about the website is its support system because it is one of the most appreciated one. Most of the users review were appreciating the customer support system. Even when you are a webcam model on this website you will get the support system ,which is just an email away.

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