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Xcams.com is one of those sites that gained popularity in no time and it made itself stand out of the crowd because of the quality and quantity of the content available on the website. The premium nature of the website is something to count on, you will be noticing the “number of cams online” and you can click on the top right of the homepage and you will be able to click on the images in order to peek into any model who is online easily.

As a model, performer or a user you have the facility of uploading your videos for the viewers to see. This is how you can earn credits on the site. Not only that you can also hold private and VIP chats there. The viewers can buy you gifts, this will be boosting up your earnings on the site and this is the feature that is not available on other adult cam sites. The navigation is really easy, you do not have to put much efforts in operating the website.

In case the viewer’s payments fails, they would not charge you anything back or will not penalize. The audience is large and the pay-outs are in the form of dollars and euros. The website supports 7 major languages.

How to register on the site?

It is just a few clicks away, you have the option of easily registering on the website because the creation of account on the site is free of any cost. One thing that you have to keep in mind while registering on the Xcams.com is that even you can create the account for free, you will still have to pay $1 that will be reflected on your credit card, and then in return you will be availing the 25 free credits that can be used on the side, you can say that these credits are a token of appreciation. The main purpose of charging this 1 dollar is to verify your account and payment details, but we totally understand that it can be a no for many of you.

The best thing about the site is that you do not have to be worried about the procedure of payment, because it is encrypted and more than 100 percent secured. There is a requirement of email-verification on the website. In order to register you will have to provide your email address.

Unique Features of XCams

When it comes to the search tool, you will not be disappointed by anything because the search is very precise and there are various categories to search from. When you will have a look at the top-most bar of the site you will be noticing that there are many sorting option. Starting with languages, the website supports multiple languages such as French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. Then comes the categories in terms of the models, such as women, men, couples and Trans. You can choose either of them according to your choice. The search can be done according to your preferred sexual orientation, god/goddess, you can go in to the search of Blonde, brunette, according to the size of tits, body type or the hair type. You will go where you wanted to be, it is like customizing your model. You can have a 15 seconds preview before spending your money by peeking in to the live sessions.

Pros of XCams.com

• The first benefit we would like to talk about is the website’s design and navigation. The interface is not only simple but the users can also enjoy the adult cam site free of ads and it is hassle free as well.
• You will get good quality and quantity in terms of exclusive content.
• The search tools are advanced, there is major precision in terms of finding the right performers.
• You can watch the camera site in HD.
• The website has an anti-spam policy for their users.
• The payment procedure on the site is highly encrypted and it is more than secure.
• You will be getting 25 free credits, as soon as you register on the site.
• Registration on the site is free of cost, means you can get a free account.

Cons of Xcams.com

• The users can only peek in to the live streams for 15 seconds.
• The exclusive content, all of it is paid.
• The free chats are not that useful, as there is less to no action.

Features of the website

There are many features on the website that are worth trying. Some of them are as follows:

• As far as the content on the website is concerned, there are a number of live cam chat rooms available for the users to enjoy. These models will be performing most of the adult stuff for you, such as the acts of masturbation. If you want to enjoy the adult stuff such as foreplay, sex and more then you can always look for this website.
• For your sexual fantasies, you have the right to hire a model on “credit-per-minute” basis. This is the easiest way to check out the performance of the models.
• You can watch the videos on the website in HD quality, which is amazing because sometimes you just do not enjoy the videos due to bad-quality.
• If you are concerned about the sexual orientations, because you might be looking as per your own choice. So, do not worry as the site offers you many categories in terms of genders such as females, males, trans-community and couples.
• The payment options on the website for the users are in terms on a credit card and cryptocurrency.
• If you are concerned about the categories on the website, then you will be getting to search in terms of Erotic entertainment, JOI, sex chat, foreplay, sex-chat, exhibitionism, cam-sex and masturbation.

Available plans of getting membership

Basically there are 3 membership plans provided by the site, this will be providing you credits that will be utilized in terms of “per-minute basis”. The three of them are as follows:

• There is a pack XS which is going to cost you around $9.99 (35 + 25 credits), the 25 credits as we have mentioned earlier are the ones that you will be getting for free as soon as you register on the website.
• The pack S is going to cost you around $29.99 (110 + 25 credits).
• Whereas, the pack M is going to cost you around $59.99 (230 along with the free 25 credits).

What would you get in the paid membership?

As soon as you switch to the premium version of the site, you will feel like you have entered another world. The reason is because there are many opportunities on the website that you will be availing and the enjoyment is never ending. It will be offering you a number of adult performances in which you are allowed to hire performers for yourself and you will be paying them on a per minute basis. You can use the credits and can use anything you want to, you will be enjoying the performances and live chatting with the models.

You will be paying the cash and it will be used as credits on the sites, the features that you cannot use for free are available in the premium version. Especially the free chat on the site is almost a fail when you are using it for free. When you switch to the premium version, you will be enjoying it more than anything because the live chat options can be availed to its fullest.

The mobile-experience of the website

Most of the users are concerned about the mobile experience, because they might not like to use the site on any other gadget. There is an inclusive mobile arrangement, and the users have the option of downloading an application available for mobile phones. You can access the site by your phone, it is available both for Android and iOS. In case you are not happy with the membership on the website, then you can cancel it whenever you want. All you have to do is go to your profile and select the delete option from the menu-bar. Though it is a rare case because once you are on it you will not feel like cancelling the membership at all.


As the overall review is concerned, it is a website that is full of the users who are paying for seeing the stuff and that is the reason more and more models are joining in every day. This offers online models available all the time and you will not be disappointed in terms of anything. As you have to pay in terms of “per-minute”, you will not be charged extra. It is in your own control to stay in the budget and enjoy every bit of the site. In case you still have any queries about the site, do not hesitate to comment in the section below and let us know about your experience as well.

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